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Seasons changing bring so many emotions for me. So much nostalgia, so much love and joy. I think the hardest part about life and the best part about life is change. It is the only constant thing in life too. 

As we grow up, move into our own and shed the layers of our childhood traditions - we create the new normal. I love Christmas, I love home and I love going home for Christmas. 

What I have learned since moving out has been that it is okay to begin your own way. It is almost better because there are no expectations anymore. You create the happiness - you bring the love. 

This year I am going home for Christmas but not as early as I would like. Instead of pouting about missing out on the extra time with my family, I am creating my own Christmas spirit in my own home, with my friends and loved ones here. 

What I am really doing is learning to be present. I am learning to enjoy the process. I am learning patience. Some of the most difficult lessons to learn while you are growing. 

Anyways, I hope where ever you are in the world, you are enjoy this holiday with your loved ones, family, dogs and importantly with yourself.