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New York City has a certain magic. There is nothing like it. A rush. A sparkle. The city of dreams. A certain je ne sais quoi. If you want to live in New York, you have to REALLY want it. I did not even know I wanted New York. I like to think that it wanted me. It is intense, it is addicting and it is enchanting.

But I digress.

I spent ten days roaming the west coast of our country. I had the opportunity to invite the medicine of nature into my being. After spending so much time on this small island called Manhattan, suffering from serious anxiety, a head injury, losing who 'Lindsay' was and leaving my first job.. I needed to go back to my roots. 

I spent those days walking in the woods with nothing but silence; no headphones, no podcasts, no one else but myself and nature. I made fairy houses, went fishing, created new recipes, visited with my favorite humans on the planet and actually read a book cover to cover in 24 hours. I spent hours every day meditating outside. I spent every morning making breakfast and sipping tea. I got lost. I found myself. And I landed back in New York with my two feet on the ground and my root chakra filled with life again. 

Within my first three days back in NYC, I found a new job, a new rhythm and myself again. It is incredible how once we side with the universe and admit defeat, invite nature and our guides into our life - amazing things can happen.  

In my next post, I hope to touch on manifestation and how it plays a big role in my life. But for now - here we are. 

Thank you for reading and I am grateful for this platform.