First Thing is First

First thing I want to address: love. Unconditional love for yourself is the first thing we have to break down. Growing up as a millennial and going through high school in this time of social media growth has really impacted you and those around you. There is this serious gratitude crisis. Look around you. Look at the people around you. Look at the fashion. Look at the cars. Look at all the external noise that is in what you are breathing, eating, speaking, wearing, holding, reading, consuming.. it is everywhere. You are unable to escape the digital world we now live in and its only going to get harder. It is completely construed our vision on what reality is. There is no other way to say it but we live in a complete false reality. In so many layers. It is like a real inception we are living in here. I cannot tell you how many hours per day I spent on my social feeds looking at women and men I don’t know but wish were me or I wish I was them because it seems like they have everything I would want in life. This causes for so many things to wind up backwards. I am essentially tricking my subconscious that basically I am not good enough to live the life I am currently living because I am too caught up in looking at what everyone else is doing in life — even worse it is people that I don’t even know. I think about how I am not skinny enough, how I am not eating the right food to be better looking, how I am not wearing the right clothes because they probably won’t look that good on me — I am internally damaging my own self confidence and self worth because of these platforms that are supposed to be for sharing. You know, my first post on Instagram was of a few things: a big bowl of oranges, my sister Mia and my best friend from high school Tori Dinger. Those three things were just me being honest, sharing things that mattered to me on that day in 2012; sharing the things I love. Fast forward to today. Wow right? So different. For months I didn’t share anything on Instagram. I went to Snapchat, deleted everyone I had not spoken too for 6+ months and wound up with only 33 friends. I post whatever the hell I want now. I recently decided to do the same thing with Instagram. I ‘unfollowed’ people who I didn’t directly know or had not seen or spoken too in months. I landed around 185 people to follow. And what sucks is half those people don’t post anything or share things that matter to them because maybe for the same reasons I dislike the digital world. Even though I am mindful about sharing only things I love, it is tailored to the audience I know I have on Instagram.

Anyways, the point of this section is to talk about love. I wish I had a microphone right now so I could blast you all with this question: what does love mean?

Love. God damn love. Love is so wild. Love is so pure. Love is so innocent, complicated and universal. It is the generating energy which pumps through our bodies. The highest vibration. The biggest mystery. It has a gigantic, colossal, larger than life meaning all wrapped into four letters. L O V E. My definition of love is so big I don’t possibly know where to begin sharing it with you. This entire book really is going to share my definition of love. Self Love, Shared Love, Deep Love, Transformational Love.. so much love. But love heals. Love hurts. Love cares. Love starts in the dirt. Love is nature. Nature is love and we are all nature. Don’t forget that.